Change communication

This change communication workshop will help you understand how people respond to organisational change and will explore how you can use communication to enhance the success of your change programmes.

Through a range of trainer led discussions and interactive group exercises you’ll learn about:

  • Change communication theories and overcoming resistance to change
  • The role of communication in change, and why engagement matters
  • Change communication responsibilities
  • Tactics and techniques for communicating different types of change

Timing: 1 day 9.30 – 4.30
Cost: £465 pp + VAT (group discounts available)
Book now: New dates coming soon

Change communication workshop testimonials

“This was a really friendly and open workshop which covered quite complex issues. I’m no expert but I felt I could speak up and take part in interesting discussions. I enjoyed it very much, thank you.”

“Fantastic session, Fantastic trainer… Got lots to think about now! Thank you.”

Change Communication